What Trauma Really Is…..You Might be Surprised

My goal in starting this blog was to spread the word about what trauma really is, how it affects us and how to deal with it on a daily basis. As Traumatic incidents stifle the full expression of who we are within, and I believe we all deserve to be happy and carry a sense of pride in ourselves while actively creating the lives we dream of, I decided to share what I know about trauma. Having understood and worked on my own trauma and the ways in which it manifested in my life, I am passionate about speaking out on this topic.

You might be surprised to learn that trauma includes more than the obvious incidents that have come to be synonymous with this word. Trauma can be anything that has happened, which has left us with beliefs about ourselves and the world, beliefs which hold us back from being the people we want to be or having the life we want. Trauma also remains in the body, manifesting as anxiety, fear, anger depression or feelings and sensations we cannot even name. Trauma can be feeling unheard and unseen as a child, or being emotionally neglected and having these feelings carry into adulthood. Trauma is told that you’re fat and you need to go on a diet. Trauma can be the loss of a job or continuation of work at a place you feel is incongruent with your values or leaves you feeling small and disrespected. The loss of a beloved pet can also be traumatic, as can the break-up of a good friendship. Physical injury, marital break-down, a mental health diagnosis, issues around fertility, living with financial stress or any type of stress for prolonged periods can all qualify as trauma if these incidents have shaken your world, made you feel like you were not enough or too much, or interfere with a sense of stability you may have had. And the daily drama we live through can actually trigger past issues of trauma.

However, what I also want to underline is that what might be traumatic to one person, may not have an equal effect on another. We no longer speak about big trauma vs little trauma, as we know that it is our reaction to what happens that counts, not what actually happens. My wish is to encourage you to view the things that are not working in your life through the lens of this information, and ask yourself what is really happening within you and what happened to cause these feelings which hold you back. My other wish is to offer you hope, the hope of moving past the stuckness, towards having a life you want or being the person you want to be. I hope this blog can aid you in these directions.