The Best New Year’s Resolution…..Ever!

The clock strikes midnight. The new year is welcomed in along with new energy, fresh resolutions and the promise of achieving something we did not the year before.  We are full of energy and determination, the drive towards accomplishment coursing through our veins. This year, like so many others, there will be a myriad of resolutions we will work towards…convincing ourselves that 2017 is the year of (insert whatever you plan to accomplish here). A few days, weeks or months later, we waiver, we give up, we resort to old patterns.

Here is some help towards staying  on track and maintaining your goals….the best resolution ever! The resolution to always seek that which is in your highest good. To always work towards and behave in ways that work towards your greatest benefit. This covers any intention that will truly and positively change your life.

This commitment asks of you to check-in with yourself daily, mindfully asking if what you are about to do, or not do, actually serves you. Stop, breathe, ground and examine whether your thoughts or behaviours will help to reach your goals. When we become mindful, we are more likely to reach the wisdom within, thus remaining on track towards set objectives. We stay clear and thus steer clear away from the patterns which lead us astray from that which we want to achieve.  As well, knowing that highest good doesn’t necessarily always feel the greatest (going for a walk when its cold outside vs staying at home on the couch) is also helpful in maintaining your commitment to yourself.

Above all, remember that whatever your intention was for the new year, you set it as you believed it would be helpful to your well being. When you remain honest about doing what is in your highest good, you honour and support yourself. You say that you are worthy with the intention alone, and then follow through with the actions you take.

So here is to you and to your highest good! May you find the strength and the will to do what’s best, and may you continue to believe that your dreams are not only possible but reachable. Sending you all my best wishes for 2017!



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